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Mike Sonar’s Free Download, “Incendie”

Heavy and quick, Mike Sonar pleases fans across the world with his latest tune “Incendie”, featuring the vocals of American Jessica Main. Want to know the best part? The song is free! As in, nothing in return! As in, here go ahead and just take it!

Just like his former Repeat Button track “Hallotron“, the track grabs listeners with a wickedly thick trance hook, and doesn’t let go with worldly moods and the hip voice of Ms. Main.

Poland’s booming trance DJ made this tune as a gift for true trance family members across the world. Nothing gets our soul pumping as much as a moody melody with a thumping undertone and a quick kick drum.

With growing support from some of the biggest names in the trance genre, Sonar will continue to provide Poland electronic pride with the international EDM movement exploding. Mr. Sonar will continue to live at 130bpm and above, but we’ll try to catch up as he continues his rise to stardom.

The link for the free ‘Incendie’ download is located through Mike’s SoundCloud page.

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