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Paul van Dyk & Cream Ibiza Present the Ibiza Sunset Cruise

The culmination of last year’s PvD boat party saw dance master and beat commander Paul van Dyk rock the good ship Cream Ibiza and go from “decks to deck,” crowd-surfing the length of the ship. Now, 1 year later, the uniform is washed, and pressed… just in time!

Paul van Dyk – Ibiza Sunset Cruise 2013 – Trailer

As part of the clubbing institution’s birthday celebrations, Cream Ibiza boat party weighs anchor from San Antonio harbour at 6:00 PM on August 1st and sets sail towards the mystical, magnetic rock of Es Vedra.

Soundtracked by the music from Paul’s forthcoming, hotly-anticipated Politics of Dancing 3 album, the boat will cruise eastwards around the ancient rock quarry of Atlantis – a place of high reverence for hippy Ibiza. As the sun begins to slip beneath the Med waves, PvD will pay musical homage to the legendary Ibiza sunset.

5:30 PM: Boarding

6:00 PM: Boat departs by the Promenade Windmill in San Antonio

9:00 PM: Boat returns to the Promenade Windmill in San Antonio

After this 3-hour tour, we are off to Cream Ibiza’s Birthday Party at Amnesia with Paul van Dyk, Eddie Halliwell, Gareth Wyn, and Rob Harnetty in the Main Room!

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