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Repeat Button: “Wyv Auw Chu” by Tom Middleton

Fresh off the newly minted Anjunadeep 05 compilation, Tom Middleton introduces us to an oceanic tune that drags us deeper than the ocean floor.

‘Wyv Auw Chu’ is more than the jibberish it seems to imply. (Say it with me, ‘Wyv Auw Chu’…Without You…get it?) Hypnotically repetitive lyrics hit us with reality, and a feeling that something may be missing from our lives.

Staring out into the vast ocean, clouds rolling in, the depth of this house track makes us yearn for that one person we’re missing from a moment that we’d like to share.

With a sparkling melody and an elastic bass, Middleton sets the song to sunshine, fluttering in the midst of a sea salt haze.

Tom Middleton – WYV AUW CHU

The song released Monday with James Grant and Jody Wisternoff’s mixed compilation Anjunadeep 05, sharing this intensely deep song and many others with a growing group of deep house fans.

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