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Triad Dragons: Trendsetting In The Colorado Dance Scene

Lifetime party-ers and entrepreneurs, the Triad Dragons crafted and built a reputation, not only for themselves, but for Colorado and a dance destination across the world.

“I was really in touch with the party community, going to just about every show I could,” says Ha Hau of the event company. “I went on to create event brands like Caffeine, Global Dance Festival, Global Dub Festival, Skylab, Hallowfreaknween, and Decadence NYE.  These annual festivals and two major EDM nights, NRG Thursday at Beta and Global Fridays at the Church, have given Colorado so many great nights of dance music. Its been an honor to be a part of such a big EDM market.”

And perhaps one that played a large role in building. Hau started the Triad Dragons over a decade ago from the smallest of gatherings to the massive festivals that it organizes today.

“Triad Dragons was formed in 1999 by a group of friends that just wanted to throw parties. The name was fun to use because there were three of us and we like the mythical creature,” says Hau. “House parties grew to club nights to festivals. The two other members left the company, so I was left taking Triad Dragons into the new millenium.”

As 25,000 ravers descend upon Red Rocks Amphitheater this weekend, the Triad Dragons prep the area for Colorado’s premiere dance event.

Global Dance Festival USA 2012 Promo Video

“It started as a one day event with a handful of artists. After selling out for a number of years, it expanded to two days with Deadmau5 and Paul Van Dyk headlining each date,” says Hau. “It did so well we added another day the following year to make it a 3 day festival attracting over 25,000 EDM fans to Colorado.” “Getting to experience the music of the world’s greatest musicians at such a majestic, natural setting under the open skies at Red Rocks is an unrivaled experience,” he added.

The Triad will continue to build up the Colorado EDM experience and others across the country with festivals like GDF and club nights, adding to the massive explosion of electronic music across the entire country.

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