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Dillon Francis Accuses Katy Perry of Ripping Off “Messages”

First Diplo calls out Flo Rida on Twitter for ripping off production elements of “Bubble Butt” and “Butter’s Theme” and now Dillon Francis takes to the social media platform to call out Katy Perry for the same offense.

On Monday, Francis tweeted “Hey @Katy Perry why?” referring to the similarities of production elements between his video for “Messages” and her newest video, “Roar”. Perry’s “Roar” follows a similar format; “Roar” lyrics in the form of emojis. Francis released his emoji packed video for “Messages” this past April.


Francis followed up the first tweet referencing the rip-off with “Legitimately this is so dope that @katyperry’s director thought my video was good enough to rip off.” Perry has not fired a defense.

Zedd got into the action by replying to Francis’ tweet “@katyperry it’s all love” while Alex Young replied “aha”. Compare the videos for yourself.

Dillon Francis – “Messages”


Katy Perry – “Roar”

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