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Progressing Progressive: RB Sits Down With Will Holland

Enhanced Music is on the cusp of breaking movements in trance and progressive. (There still doesn’t seem to be a single name that’s stuck for it yet. Transgressive just sounds weird.) Label founder and recent compiler of Digitally Enhanced Vol. 6, Will Holland leads the charge into the exciting, but uncertain future for mixing genres.

“I think we’ve been at the forefront of the current prog/trance sound for some time now, and that’s something I’m proud of,” Holland says. “We’ve always taken chances with records and it’s paid off, and we’ve been lucky to unearth some of the key talent that’s been so instrumental in that change.”

From mixing at 15 to producing at 19, Holland was always meant for an EDM life, not only advancing his own career, but using Enhanced to launch the careers of many others.

His latest exhibition, Digitally Enhanced Vol. 6, expertly crafts together the varying styles of Enhanced’s library, promotion new songs and artists for the ever hungry progressive trance fan base.

“Enhanced has always had a rich melodic vein running though our music and I try to encompass that and the range of music we release across the two discs,” says Holland. “Both build to different points as I showcase what the ‘Enhanced’ sound is all about.

“I’ve always looked at sets from needing a start and an end point, and taking the listener through the emotions to a climax. I think that’s something that is sadly dying out.”

As we turn the corner of 2013 into 2014, Holland and the rest of Enhanced are bracing themselves for a whirlwind of releases and events.

“In the next month we have some Enhanced events in Ireland, Ibiza and England, a huge one at Ministry Of Sound,” says Holland, “and we have tons of huge releases coming your way from the likes of Tritonal with their new Metamorphic II EP, with three brand new tracks. We also have a couple of big compilations coming soon, and we’re polishing off two artist albums at the moment as well!”

In the mean time, you should be enhancing your Enhanced collection. Digitally Enhanced Vol. 6 is out now.

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