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Repeat Button: Le Youth’s “C O O L (Ben Pearce Mix)”

Clean, fresh, and promising, Ben Pearce‘s take on Le Youth‘s ‘C O O L’ strikes the soul in a relaxed state. Summer time never had a friend like this song.

The longing eyes of a seductive lady across the lounge meet yours. The stare holds longer than expected. The contact breaks. A few options arrive at the front of your mind. You could stand there swizzling your drink, or you can make your move.

You look back over, and her attention has strayed for a second, but she quickly checks to see if you’re still looking. Now’s your chance.

Whether or not your intro has an effect, the exhilarating moment of walking up to her, that feeling of smoothness that it took you to muster, this song is that.

It goes beyond looking for that one night stand. It’s looking for that connection with a girl not only beautiful, but interesting and mysterious. It all starts with your body language, those first words and a bit of confidence.

Le Youth – C O O L (Ben Pearce Remix)

I suppose that’s why they call it deep house. Relations something beyond the surface, emotions that engulf us, but have a deeper meaning when the moment passes, and lives on in your nostalgia.

And who really knows, your interaction might actually swoon her…as long as you’re cool.

The tune released at the beginning of June, but it currently resides on the Beatport Deep House chart.

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