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Shook Makes An Impression With Self-Titled Debut Album

As I made my way around the Twitterverse yesterday, I stumbled upon a tweet from Bingo Players recommending “cool and  fresh” french electronic DJ, Shook. I was curious. DJs are our tastemakers. When they recommend fresh french electro, I have to give it a listen.

The result of clicking through Shook’s profile and listening to his debut album Shook was more than a pleasant surprise. His sound is funky without losing the light, dance-y feel of french electro. From the first track, I knew his aesthetic. Sometimes too much of a good thing can be, well, too much. In this case, it’s just right. I found myself needing a laid-back dance party. Unfortunately, the 27-year-old does not have any upcoming tour dates in the United States, but he is most definitely someone to keep an eye out in 2014.

From simple vocals to pop synths, Shook has all of the right elements setting it apart and grabbing the attention of DJs like Bingo Players. Some of the stand out tracks in the album are “Cloud Symphony”, “Love For You” and “Always”. Follow Shook on Twitter, like him on Facebook or visit his website.

You can stream Shook on his Soundcloud or purchase the album from iTunes.

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