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The Life and Grams of Dillon Francis

I die of laughter each time Dillon Francis posts a new Instagram video. I look forward to his recurring story lines and characters. From DJ Hanzel, Dillon’s DJ friend who insists on listening and playing “the deepest house”, the newest failed conquest or his endless search for his dad, Dillon Francis has made his Instagram page memorable and hilarious for his fans.

Dillon Francis: Vines 1-30

He has taken social media posts to a new level. His nonsensical posts are engaging and are making their way into his shows. It began with Facebook and Twitter, but Vine gave him an outlet for visuals. Since Instagram released its video feature, Francis stopped updating his Vine page. I was at HARD Summer this past weekend where I saw various DJ Hanzel photo cutouts and posters saying “Are you my dad?”. Francis came on stage as DJ Hanzel causing the crowd to roar. Unfortunately, he did not play “the deepest house”. Toward the end of his set, Francis took to the mic to express his gratitude and awe after seeing the fan posters, cutouts and overall positive response on his social media pages. It felt very genuine and real.

Will Dillon Francis find his dad? Will a girl ever say yes to his invitation? Will he ever take DJ Hanzel to a deep house party? Follow him on Instagram to find out.

Here are my picks of  the best DF Instagrams:

DJ Hanzel goes to a trap house

Fake hipsters

One day he’ll get the girl

Dad? Dad?

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