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Repeat Button: D05’s “Cpu Id”

A seemingly random jumble of alphabet soup takes over Repeat Button this week. Britain’s D05, known by his parents as Deepen Ravalia, engineers track of glimmering synths in a sped up journey through a forest of falling noises and lights.

Supported on Jaytech‘s monthly podcast, ‘Cpu Id’ ropes you into an electronic world, probably inside the computer’s identity, revealing the shimmering inside works of a machine that loves the genre more than we do… Who says robots can’t have emotions?

D05 – Cpu Id (Original Mix)

From a more realistic standpoint, this song seems like it’d be playing on a montage through a Gotham-esque city as you begin the night. You might be looking for trouble, or more. Regardless, the darkish, but hopeful synths lead you believe that the night will definitely turn in your favor.

The song hit the internet shelves back in July, but it really should be hitting the top of your playlists now.

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