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Repeat Button: Ralphie B’s “Ragnarok”

A legend in the trance scene, each production demanding respect, Ralphie B once again returns to headlines with his upbeat, uplifting new song, ‘Ragnarok’.

Flinging musical rocks at your body for a solid 7 minutes, ‘Ragnarok’ spins you around the trance world. It’ll drag your through the melodic flow. It’ll slow down your adrenaline filled heart rate. It’ll punch you in the chest with a faster, moodier bass line.

No trance-tastic journey would be complete without the finale of speeding beats swirling around your ever-moving body.

This is the type of song that you want to hear in the middle of a 138bpm+ show; the song that keeps your moving through the emotional night.

Ralphie B – Ragnarok

Though the tune doesn’t officially release until October 7, Armin recently released it on his Universal Religion Chapter 7 compilation. Go forth and buy trance family.

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