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Repeat Button: “Two To One” by Adam Szabo & John Vilborg

Butterflies in your stomach? I know what you feeling. No, it’s not a special someone. It’s that feeling of having a great day, and blasting just the right music to reflect that.

Mr. Szabo and Mr. Vilborg have truly outdone themselves on their summer release, ‘Two To One’, reaching a level of celebrating the day and the triumphant moment to go with it.

Punching progressive trance bounces combine with a shimmering undertone, like jumping into the pool on a scorching summer day.

Adam Szabo & Johan Vilborg – Two To One (Original Mix)

Enhanced Music possesses an ability to produce songs that define a moment, without ever mentioning a single word, though only one comes to mind. Content. Better than happiness, because it isn’t so fleeting. This positive emotion takes a residency in you mind, and allows you realize all your worth.

Adam Szabo & Johan Vilborg’s song amplifies that emotion into a state of true rapture.

Though the song released on July 22nd, ‘Two To One’ also took part in Will Holland‘s compilation Digitally Enhanced at the beginning of August.

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