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Jerome Isma-Ae & Justin Michael ‘Awaken’ Trance World

Bumps freckle along your arms. Thick contractions pull from your chest. Drums pounding away, swiftly, uniform. Novi‘s luscious lyrics caress you. More drums. Lifting drums. Higher and higher they drag your spirits, until you’re dropped into a pit of reverbs.

Jerome Isma-Ae & Justin Michael crush the trance world with their newest and toughest track ever, ‘Awaken’. The overweight bass rocks into your soul, breathing and pulsing to a hypnotic field.

Jerome Isma-Ae & Justin Michael feat. Novi – Awaken (Original Mix)

The first tune for Armada‘s latest addition Jee Productions, ‘Awaken’ sets a positive vibe for the direction of the Jerome Isma-Ae’s recently acquired label.

It’s a primetime killer. A 4am underground smasher. Another loophole for the ‘Rocktronically’-inspired Justin Michael.

The dark song hit the e-stores back on November 11th, much to the happiness of true electronic fans everywhere. Enjoy, kiddos.

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