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Repeat Button: Idd’s “Icy Mountains” (Digital Cassette’s Ice Dice Mix)

Winter coats out. Bring the boots and fuzzies. It’s going to be a cold one.

Idd & Digital Cassette chill your soul with a icy vibe to jump start the vibe. Tapping undertones fill the bass void to give you that bouncing void you’ve been missing in your life.

Of course that groovy guitar continues seduce your sway throughout the song. Close your eyes, and feel that brisk winter breeze roll in as the twinkling flakes powder the ground.

Idd – Icy Mountains (Digital Cassette Ice Dice Mix)[ESM070]

The remix package includes 4 versions, all of which are worth listening to. Barren Icy Mountains, my parka and I are ready for you.

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