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Metamorphic II EP Out Now!

The new EP from Tritonal has arrived and not a moment too soon. Fans of the DJ duo have been eagerly waiting for this release since the first part of the series came out back in May and now Metamorphic II is available to buy. Featuring hit track “Now Or Never” as well as “Follow Me Home” and new song “Electric Glow,” this release is brimming with captivating melodies, infectious hooks and relentless energy – exactly what Tritonal are all about!

Capturing all the intensity and emotion that Chad and Dave commit to every single Tritonian in their renowned electrifying live performances, Metamorphic II sets about delivering three dance floor delights with the astonishing studio precision that music lovers across the globe know and love. Each of the tracks feature the exquisite vocal top lines that have become a signature to Tritonal’s sound, with Underdown, Phoebe Ryan and Skyler Stonestreet all combining with the duo’s soundscapes to awesome effect.

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