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Tytanium Sessions with Sean Tyas

What is on your Christmas list? I hope I get some new clothes, maybe a golf glove and some new headphones. Oh, and I really hope someone gives me the new Sean Tyassingle. Sean is celebrating this holiday season by releasing a new single called “Now You See.” While everyone else is busy shopping, he has been in the studio producing some of the best progressive trance I have heard in years. I asked him why he decided to release a single so close to Christmas. “Why not? I always hate to sit on tracks and wait for a certain date to release it. I am proud of this one, and it was just too tempting to wait.”

Sean Tyas – Now You See (Preview)

New Year’s Eve is also fun, and dance music has never been more popular. Surely Sean will be playing this track out on NYE. “I was supposed to be heading to India, but it ended up falling through last week, so for the first time in 6 years I’ll be spending NYE with my family.” So does that mean he won’t be performing on NYE? “It’s still pretty awesome, as my family form NY will also be over here visiting. Plus, I might “somehow” be spending NYE with my fans. Stay tuned!” Sean had a big smile on his face when he said that.

I asked Sean to discuss the new single. “Let’s just say I finally got to channel out a big part of my inspiration over the past couple of months and new techniques I’ve been dying to use.  It’s a track that I really look forward to playing each and every time on stage. That shows me I really got things right, at least to me, and I hope the fans do, too.”

In support of this new release, Sean will be performing with Emma Hewitt soon. “I’m excited for that show. I actually did a Malaysian tour with Emma and her brother Anthony a couple months back and it was just amazing. They are so professional and have it all together, not to mention they are the most delightful people. We all got along very well, so we vowed to do more team-ups on tour, especially in USA!”

Only 1 show? “That’s not the only city. More shows will be announced soon!” Thank goodness!

Look for more tour dates coming soon. It has been fun chatting with Sean, and I can’t wait to see him again soon. But, before we go, he wanted to say thank you. “Thank you to everyone who has supported me this year. Happy holidays, and I really hope you enjoy the new single out next Monday on Tytanium Recordings!”

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