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Top 10 Repeat Buttons Of 2013

From the moody sulker to the uninhibited party starter, 2013 brought us some of the greatest productions in electronic music’s golden age.

Those that create a worldly vibe for a very specific moment, or a very specific memory were chosen as my Repeat Button of the week. A lot of it came from hearing the song at the perfect moment, and wanting to recreate that feeling until the song was absolutely murdered.

Below, I have included my favorites from 2013, including some songs that may have been overlooked in the time around it’s release, but have withstood the inevitable burn out from my constant overplays.

I appreciate those who have followed this column over it’s first year, and I sincerely hope, for even a single week, that I was able to introduce you to an amazing song that you might not have discovered otherwise.


10. “Breaking The Illusion” –Dan & Sam

Dan & Sam burst onto the scene early this year, riding a wave of beautifully crafted hits coming through the Silk Royal label. ‘Breaking the Illusion’ stole my heart the first time I heard it during their guest mix on Jaytech’s Podcast. Emotional riffs with a tinge of forward looking optimism. Amazing.

9. “Latch” –Disclosure

Ok, this one wasn’t one of this year’s weekly’s, but let’s just have a moment of candor real quick, this song still jams. Not to mention that music video….couple making out in intimate settings, slowly….leaning…in…until…………’Now I’ve got you in my space…” UGH….so full of tension and now it’s raining in the elevator? Cray.

8. “The End” –Suspect 44

One of my favorite discoveries from this year was the Norwegian/American trio Suspect 44. The group can rock a tune better than most in any of the sub-genres, all while creating a vibe worth blasting. “The End” electrocutes the typical trance genre into something way more sporadic, but nifty….so nifty. Controlled chaos. Detained disarray. Restrained anarchy. You get it.

7. “Itaca” –NYX

Crank up the BPM! ‘Itaca’ jolts you into any trance set that exists. Like any truly trance-tastic song, it requires that the entire song be listened to. It’s a journey meant to be savored, not rushed. The entire song is one giant build to the thumping chorus. I’d say try not to cry, but let’s not fool ourselves. Let it out.

6. “Handshake” –Two Door Cinema Club (AMTRAC Remix)

Groovy tune, brother. Perfect for those nights against the waves of change. Don’t you mind that you’ll ‘never find love in an open hand’ (which I prefer to think as a metaphor for…well…anything!). Life isn’t going to come easy to go make an effort or something.

5. “Come Home” -Estiva & Jeera Lert

Happiness in 2013 has two names, and neither of them sound remotely like English. Headed home after a long stretch away? Life changing for the first time in a long time? Whatever the journey, ‘Come Home’ wants you to make a good one. A piano glows in the background of this elating melody. In a bad mood? WAPOW. Now you’re jubilant.

4. “Talisman” -Protoculture

Like a beam of light shooting down to surround us in a triumphant point in time, Protoculture’s efforts did not go unnoticed. In fact, it was my planned Repeat Button on an especially busy week. Regardless, it deserves every bit of praise it ever receives from heart tugging rises and falls in an aura of color and relaxation. (I hardly know what I’m saying either, but listen to it. You’ll see what I mean.

3. “Hey Now” –London Grammar (Arty Remix)

After a couple years of wading through the waters of experimentation, Arty burst back onto the Anjuna-style emotion train by remixing indie band London Grammar’s very popular ‘Hey Now’ into a positively enriching piece of music. This song provides the type of moment that you’ve been waiting for in a long time, whether you knew it or not. Turn it up, and play it again.

2. “Outshine” –Myon & Shane 54 feat. Natalie Peris

Off of their incredible first stint with the In Search of Sunrise series, MS54 produced a track that defined summer so well, it seemed to fit in with the sun and sand like the last piece of a jigsaw. ‘Outshine’ begs for a drive along ocean side highways, the smell of salt in the air and the freedom of warmth. I’m convinced that the Hungarian duo just spent a week up and down the Cali coastline crafting this tune.

1. “Icy Mountains” -Idd (Digital Cassette Ice Dice Mix)

I might be a little biased on this one (ok, technically I’m biased on all of them), but, more so than any song in 2013, this summed up the empathy of the season, through the chilling winds of winter at our backs and set us sailing. Digital Cassette’s mix blended the twinkling sentiments of the end of the year with bumping base and inspiring gliders to make this song one to enjoy for a very long time. Play it back, DJ.

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