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Wippenburg Single Neurodancer 2013 Out Now

Heating up club floors from London to Berlin and beyond, on the original Neurodancer release its hot sounds blazed the trail for a rash of likeminded tracks. Then considered ‘finished’ or ‘consummate’ (and as a direct result rarely given remix blessing), it’s remained largely frozen in time.

Until now! It’s Wippenberg who has finally picked up the remix gauntlet and taken on the task himself. Refashioning and recalibrating the seminal ‘Neurodancer’, he has transported the anthem into a new century and to a whole new audience.

Wippenberg – Neurodancer 2013

From its first percussive roll, echoed vocoded vox, hunting horn refrain and off-the-high-board bass drop, Wippenberg carves out his updated vision for ‘Neurodancer’. Channelling the original he unleashes the acidics, pulls in the long, drawn strings and angles the mix’s tension skyward. As its rimshots fire, the riff drives and the electro-house FX tweak & freak, he reconnects the horns, piano organs and drums to deliver an industrial strength payoff!

Inked by Sander van Doorn’s DOORN Records within 24 hours of leaving the mixing desk, it has subsequently exacted a firestorm on floors presided over by a host of A-list spinners. Hardwell, Swanky Tunes, Afrojack (who hailed it as “tight like a tiger!”), Deniz Koyu, Cedric Gervais, van Doorn himself and numerous significant others have all bass-bombed their floors with ‘Neurodancer 2013’ of late.

And now you can too! It’s out now and available from Beatport.

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