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Relentless Beats Sits Down with Lange

Lange is a legend. He has been around for a long time and is always finding ways to reinvent himself releasing some of the best dance music around. Like his recent single featuring Betsie Larkin. He is on a pretty aggressive tour right now visiting Amsterdam, the UK, Canada, Sweden and several dates in the United States. We got the chance to sit down with him to learn more about his new single, his new album and what this tour means for him in 2014. Clash of Gods is the new album that is getting rave reviews from dance music critics worldwide.

Clash of the Gods is the return of the legendary Godskitchen night in Birmingham and it’s a back-2-back night with me playing alongside Sean Tyas. This will actually be the first time I’ve played B2B with Sean – The idea came to me after asking Sean to remix my latest single “Insatiable” which is out now!” The video is simply stunning.

Lange (feat. Betsie Larkin) – Insatiable

Betsie is great, and is just another example of the talent that Lange has worked with over the years. Over the years, Lange has played all over the place. But Las Vegas has become an epicenter for EDM. “The USA was looking for a party playground and Vegas is the perfect place for that. I don’t think the USA should focus too much on this commercial hotspot though, there’s plenty of great places to head all over the country. The music tends to get better the further you get away from Vegas!”

Let’s talk about Lucky Peoplefor a second. It just came out, actually. “We Are Lucky People is a 2 disc album consisting of album versions of tracks on disc 1 and club mixes on disc 2. It features the vocal talents of Betsie Larkin, Susana, Cate Kanell, Stine Grove, and Hysteria and an electronic violinist, Ilseviolin.” I told you he worked with a lot of big names!

“With this being my 3rd album, I had the idea to produce the club mixes through the year, building up to an album release at the end. This was because with previous albums I’ve disappeared into the studio for much of the year and I like to get music out as soon as possible, because it’s then fresh and you’re still into it! Of course, doing it this way meant that there had to be something different about the final album at the end, and so I came up with the idea of tweaking all the music into a flowing album with some tracks being completely changed into acoustic mixes, and just generally creating transitions between tracks that gave this album a proper “start-to-finish” listening experience.”

Dance music has changed over the years. Like I said, Lange stays ahead of the curve and is always producing something new that we haven’t heard before. ”

I make what I feel like making and go through phases of wanting to focus more on melodies or the more bass-orientated stuff. I like to think my music is improving, you never stop learning new tricks in the studio.”

What’s next? “After a year making a euphoric, melodic album I’m experimenting with some new productions. I’ve also got a few co-writes in the pipeline including a new one with Andy Moor.”

Sounds like Lange has a busy year ahead of him. I can’t thank him enough for taking the time to chat with us. “Thanks for your continued support, and hopefully see you all soon on the road!”

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