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Nest HQ Announced New Release Label, Nest

It’s been nearly a year since the inception of Nest HQ, and now the curatorial site will also serve as home to a free-release label known simply as Nest. Today AC Slater kicks things off with his club-ready inaugural EP, Back To The Floor.

In the past 12 months, Nest HQ has aimed to nurture and encourage the growth of artists of all genres and all mediums, heralding their works through positive editorial, engaging, unique content, and genuine support. The goal of the new label, Nest, falls right in line with their ethos, increasing awareness for rising and established talent through free, direct download releases from the website while also providing widespread visibility on major retailers and streaming partners.

As Nest HQ’s homepage strives to continue to be a taste-making, forward-thinking destination for music discovery, so, too, does Nest act as a home for outstanding music sourced from our growing community of artists.

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