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The DJ MAG Bet: Hardwell to Skydive from 20,000 Feet

After spending a year embracing being crowned the youngest ever #1 DJ, Hardwell now comes back to earth with a bump courtesy of a daring bet with his closets friends! Intrigued? Read on…

With a dislike for daring extreme sports, childhood friend and challenge instigator, Skiandre, made a bet that should Hardwell top the Top 100 DJ poll he and a group of his closest friends would jump thousands of feet from a plane to celebrate the momentous occasion. Having circumnavigated the world several times over during the last few years, clocking up enough air miles to rival the fleet of several airlines, Hardwell’s comfortableness in the air is, like most of us, preferred more to be inside the plane rather than outside. So when his buddies came up with this extreme challenge, he was a little more than nervous to say the least.

Offering a glimpse into the superstar’s world, speaking candidly about their relationship and the origins of the pact, join Hardwell and his best friends Adithya (aka Kill the Buzz), Rick Mattijs (his manager) and Skiandre as they turn this bet into a reality.

Hardwell Skydiving – The DJ MAG Bet

The video shows the jump of all 5 of the friends with 8 different cameras, as well as 3 camera jumpers and body cams from their tandem jumpers, to ensure each and every angle of this thrilling adventure was captured for the your enjoyment. Panning out into the idyllic Netherland’s countryside, a colossal DJ Mag logo landing pad was laid out, representing Harwell’s pinnacle position as #1.

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