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RB: Backstage with Infected Mushroom

In 2012 when Infected Mushroom released Army Of Mushrooms, I couldn’t stop listening to it. Over the months I went back and listened to their older material, but Army Of Mushrooms was simply one of the best albums of the year. With tracks like “Never Mind” and “Send Me an Angel” you can’t help but dance. The album is just perfect from start to finish. Then I heard that they were coming to Phoenix. It’s been a few years since I saw them live, but they are on tour and with the help of V Squared Labs are putting together some of the most impressive stage performances around.

As these guys travel around, I got the chance to go backstage to learn more about their tour, their video to promote the DJ Mag Top 100 and their show at Monarch Theatre this weekend. But I just had to learn more about Army Of Mushrooms and how their sound has evolved over the years. “We stay driven to change because if we stayed the same we would not grow as artists and our fans would move on. We find inspiration through new artists, through our travels, and through our families.”

When I saw them live, it was at a music festival with 40,000 people. Monarch Theatre isn’t very big… Do they have anything special planned for their performance in Phoenix? “Clubs are a special vibe because they are more intimate than outdoor venues or festivals. We are excited to bring the full band back to Phoenix, one of our favorite cities in the USA!” This is going to be an event you can’t afford to miss. The whole band? I can’t wait!

What about their relationship with V Squared Labs? “They are very talented. It was a collaborative process and we are very happy with the results. The project was high-power projection mapping on two spheres which takes the audience on a visual journey. Unfortunately we won’t be able to bring them to Phoenix this time around, but I hope you get to check it out at some point.” That’s too bad. I just hope they bring the same energy I remember from the last time I saw them live.

These guys are so much fun live. They also bring a ton of energy. With everything they have going on up there, I wonder if anything crazy has ever happened on stage… “One time, Erez’s station fell off the stage – literally the keyboards, mixer, computer – all fell down from the stage. It was a festival and everyone was going mental. People were hurrying to get it all set up. When we carried on, the place exploded.” That does sound crazy!

Last year, it was Hardwell. But who will top the DJ Mag Top 100 this year? Infected Mushroom has a good shot. They released a video to encourage fans to vote.

DJ Mag Top 100: Vote For Infected Mushroom

That video is hilarious. What does the list mean to these guys? “We are honored to have such supportive fans. It means a lot to be in the DJ Mag, but it means even more to see packed houses and fans singing out songs. We hope to still be up there, but we know this scene is fluid and new artists are quickly emerging. We continue to be thankful to our fans.”

Infected has been on tour hitting a lot of big festivals this year. They stopped by Burning Man last month. Looks like they had a lot of fun. “Yes, we always love playing Burning Man. It’s a wild event and a special vibe. It’s the third time we have played and we never get tired of it. So much art, music, fire, naked women… Can’t beat it.”

What’s next for Infected Mushroom? “We are going to continue to tour, make music, and do our thing! We are excited for upcoming dates in the US, as well as stops in Europe,Russia and South America. Thanks for having us! We are excited for the show!”

That’s a wrap. We will see you on Saturday!

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