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Armin Only – Intense “The Music” Out Now

Only Armin van Buuren could sustain a world tour lasting an entire year of record-breaking five and six-hour-long shows featuring his own music. That recently wrapped world tour was known as the “Armin Only: Intense” world tour and it featured state-of-the-art visuals, lighting, stage production, acrobatics, dancers, live musicians, live vocalists and other elements never before seen in a DJ-style show. At last, the two-disc album commemorating this tour is available.

Armin Only – Intense “The Music”

The final two shows on the “Armin Only: Intense” tour took place at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, last month. Both shows sold-out within an hour and capped an extraordinary year for Armin.

The 34-show “Armin Only: Intense” world tour reached five continents and performed in front of nearly 500,000 visitors over the course of a year. With groundbreaking visuals consisting of moving lights, custom video clips and a gigantic 3D moving avatar of Armin himself, the tour was one of the most ambitious solo DJ shows ever conceived.

Armin Only – Intense “The Music” is the chance to experience and relive the remarkable performances on-demand. The album and accompanying visuals are a time capsule of a tour and the performances captured within. The footage was taken from live recordings at five of the 30+ dates on tour, complete with authentic crowd noise. The footage was recorded live in Quito, Moscow, São Paulo, Medellin and Buenos Aires. Highlights are numerous and include scenes like Trevor Guthrie, Eller van Buuren, Fiora, Lauren Evans and more joining Armin onstage during a tour that would leave them lifelong friends.

After one of the most memorable and unbelievable years in Armin’s life, this is what it feels like to take a step back and soak it all in.

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