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Nest and Hospital Records team up for new EP

Two imprints from opposite sides of the Atlantic come together in 2015 in the name of BRSTL Hardcore, the new EP from drum and bass producer S.P.Y. Following a prolific year on his home label, Hospital Records, where he released his acclaimed double album, S.P.Y has collated four originals to be released via Sonny Moore’s free-release outfit Nest.

S.P.Y explored a darker, edgier sound in Back to Basics last year, reflecting on the early days of drum and bass a noble nod to the old school. And while BRSTL Hardcore carries on some of the redolence of the 90s sound found in the double album, the EP’s main attributes lie within the energy of the production, with S.P.Y concentrating on maximum bass levels aimed directly at the dancefloor. From the snarling punches in BRSTL Hardcore to the dramatic atmospherics of “Mass Effect,” the new EP from S.P.Y boasts a gritty, stripped back aesthetic that both drum and bass newcomers and longtime Hospital Records fans can equally appreciate.

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