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Melbourne Bounce with Will Sparks

Will Sparks has pretty much introduced a new genre of dance music. Some call it produces some pretty aggressive house music, but his sound goes beyond that. Some have branded it “Melbourne bounce.” I mean, Will is from Melbourne, Australia… So the style makes sense. But others have followed in his footsteps and the sound is starting to really take shape. Will is usually on tour, but I got the chance to chat with him a little bit before a recent tour stop. I just had to learn more about this new sound he pretty much created! I asked for him to explain it. “The sound is just happy and upbeat,” he said. “Just heavy.”

Will just wrapped up the “Let’s Bounce” tour. I didn’t get to see the tour this year, but fans were in for a treat. “I always have new music,” he said. “My sets are very high energy these days. Fans can always expect a jammed packed show full of heaviness.” Speaking of heavy, what is “#Catch?” “That is a track I made in a hotel room in Chicago.”

Will Sparks – Catch (Radio Edit)

That track is good, but he recently remixed “Lose Control,” a Missy Elliot hit single. She has a lot of hits… Why did he pick that track to remix? “Her flow and speed of the rap worked perfectly with my style. I love the original, too.” If you haven’t heard it, enjoy!

Will has played for some pretty big crowds. I wonder if these guys get nervous playing shows like that… “Definitely, but only prior to the set… When you’re up there, though, its all guns blazing.”

Will is pretty active on Twitter. I asked him to tell me what it’s like being on the road all the time in 140 characters or less. “No stopping, no rest. Always new things to see, new people to meet. Constant grind but fun.” Plenty of characters to spare!

I want a Will Sparks hoodie.  “I have shirts, too, with more coming soon. Cannot wait to share!”

Las Vegas seems to be the place to be in the United States for dance music. What are some of your favorite clubs in Las Vegas? “XS Nightclub. THE BEST.” I’ve never been to XS. Guess I need to plan a weekend in Sin City.

That was fun, and I can’t thank will enough for doing this. In all of the interviews I do, I always give the artist the last word. Go. “One word is not enough.”

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