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3LAU Wrote A Love Song And It Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Who knew that 3LAU could sing? Early Tuesday morning the DJ posted a short video of him singing. He wasn’t accompanied by synths or a big bass drop. All that can be heard is his voice and an acoustic guitar.

3LAU complemented the video with the caption, “Just thought f*** it, why not let you guys hear something that’s truly me, that isn’t perfect, but it doesn’t matter cause it’s real.” The soft melody and the simple yet meaningful lyrics were written “before dance music,” and dedicated to a special someone according to 3LAU’s Facebook post.

The cuteness level of this video trumps any video of cats or kids by far. Justin Blau took a risk and released a snippet of his non-DJ persona, and I couldn’t have more respect for him. 3LAU is proving himself to be not only a DJ, but a musician with a purpose. There’s heart and soul behind his music, and he’s hiding talent way beyond his mixing.

So what now? We’ve heard a snippet of emotion from Justin, and we’re eager to hear the whole thing. Could this be a sign of some live vocals in future sets? Is it too much too soon to hope for an acoustic album? 3LAU just loves keeping his fans on the edge of their seats and begging for more.

Check out Justin’s Facebook post here!

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