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How to EDM… A Guide Through Electronic Music and All of Its Hallways

Have you ever wondered what it meant to be a fan of ghetto tech; to bear witness to the sounds of epic trance; to groove to deep house; or even to stomp with the beats of happy hardcore? Well fear not, because I have the perfect resource for you and all of your EDM questions.

Step into Ishkurs Guide to Electronic Music, a comprehensive map of EDM and all of its genres. The sidebar of the website consists of seven different generalized genres for you to choose from: House, Trance, Techno, Breakbeat, Jungle, Hardcore, and Downtempo. By clicking on one of these seven options, an entire layout of different subgenres appears. But that’s not all. Each of these subgenres is organized by the year they emerged from the 1950’s all the way until today. In addition to the history lesson, the website also provides an in-depth description of each of these sub-genres as well as several samples of each.


Under the house tab you can learn about the likes of Happy House, Dark House, J-Pop, Micro House, Eurodance, and dozens more. Under the others explore: Dream Trance, 80’s Darkwave, Tribal Trance, Dub Techno, Swedish Techno, 2-Step Garage, Rio Funk, Atmospheric Jungle, Terrorcore, Speedbass, Trip Hop, Ambient Psy, and a near endless number of other subgenres. Study it, read up, impress your friends, and call people out when they mistake Acid Jazz for Nu Electro Breakbeat.

Ishkur does warn however that his site is very biased and may not provide the most accurate information, however he believes that his biases are “celebrated lavishly”. He states that the site may be used as “a credited resource or educational primer” but that it’s not what the site was made for. Have fun with it! When you get to the site, make sure to check out the tutorial. The site contains an immeasurable amount of information and it can be quite daunting, but Ishkur has created a helpful guideline for his page’s visitors. If you’re feeling risky, hop right in! But… just be prepared… You might never make it out.

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