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Dada Life Doesn’t Disappoint: Check Out What They’re Up To

Dada Life has dropped bomb after bomb of dance music greatness, and fans could not be happier. With The Voyage taking off just around the corner, the dynamic DJ duo is raising the anticipation with even more to look forward to. Here’s a list of Dada Life announcements that you might have missed.

1. New single. Dada Life dropped a new single “One Last Night On Earth.” Already out with an official music video, this brilliant song is simple but  catchy. This infectious vocal/piano duo combined with an energetic hook creates the signature Dada Life sound we all know and love. I guarantee it’ll become a summer anthem in no time.

“One Last Night On Earth” – Dada Life

2. The line-up. The Dada duo released the FULL LINE-UP for The Voyage! Finally! They will be accompanied by power hitters 3lau, 12th Planet, the Bixel Boys and a few other promising sets. Be sure to book your camping site now so you can rave with these DJs and keep the party going all night.

“One Last Night On Earth” – Dada Life

3. The competition. One lucky citizen of Dada Land will win an epic bundle of prizes… are you ready? They’ll snag two VIP tickets to The Voyage… and be escorted in on a hot air balloon… and get two banana suits to help break the world record.  Like that isn’t enough, the winner will also walk away with two tickets to EDC Las Vegas, AND two tickets to Nocturnal Wonderland. The winner of this contest will be all raved out by the end of the summer.

4. The documentary. Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom just wrapped up their massive U.S. tour hitting cities all over the country and showering them in champagne and provoking them to go bananas. The ambitious tour produced an exclusive- and at times, emotional- behind the scenes film of the true life of Dada. This documentary, Welcome to the Dada Land Compound, is filmed by the views of the team including the DJ duo, and reminds us of why we all fell in love with not only Dada, but with dance music in the first place. Whether you’re a fan or not, watching this documentary will bring you a new appreciation and love for Dada Life.

Welcome To The Dada Land Compound, documentary

With The Voyage just weeks away, the citizens of Dada Land are ready to come together under the rules of Dada once again. Playing “One Last Time On Earth” on repeat, waiting to see who the lucky contest winner is, and watching the Dada documentary will prepare you for the epic experience that is The Voyage… or help you pretend you’re there if you couldn’t snag the tickets. In that case, turn your lights off, blast your stereo, and rave to your heart’s content in the name of Dada.

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