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Dada Life “One Last Night On Earth” Out Now

With their festival The Voyage now just weeks away, Swedish maestros Dada Life kick the anticipation up a gear with the release of their brand new single “One Last Night On Earth.”

Dada Life – One Last Night On Earth

A battle cry to dance floor action from the two Swedes, “One Last Night On Earth” sees Olle and Stefan traverse brilliantly between the track’s ethereal, ‘hands in the air’ moments and the more fist-pumping, adrenalin-inducing sections. The pair gradually crank the tension up, giving the vocal line and full-bodied piano chords enough breathing room to lay the foundation for an increase in momentum, before exploding through into the break down in typical Dada Life fashion.

Accompanying the single comes the official video. Viewers are drawn into the dramatic end of planet Earth, a massive asteroid looming ominously on the horizon just hours from destroying everything we’ve ever known. While adults lose it or sit defeated in front of the TV news reels, it’s clear that Citizens of Dada Land will only ever go out with a defiant bang, seizing those last precious moments, living it the only way they know how, on their last night on earth.

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