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Deadmau5 Debuts His Long-Awaited 360 Degree Experience at Governor’s Ball

A long while ago, Deadmau5, or Joel Zimmerman as he is known in the real world, promised his fans and the dance community that he would be delivering to them a stage that would revolutionize the way that electronic music is played to the masses. About a year ago he spoke about it for the first time, stating that it would be a “360 arena deal” and that we would see it all over the world. Well… guess what? The new Deadmau5 experience has finally made its long-awaited debut at Governor’s Ball in New York City this weekend!


Although his performance started off with a few technical difficulties, Joel was able to deliver on his promise and deliver a truly revolutionary experience to his audience. In his first performance with his mouse-trap inspired stage, Zimmerman played a catalog of new tunes, many that have made him famous over the years, and also some special remixes just for the new show. As far as how the stage is set up, Deadmau5 rests inside of a huge illuminated dome that completely surrounds him and his decks. Surrounding the dome are a number of light-ridden panels. I wish I could have seen it in person because it looks mesmerizing. Audience got a special surprise toward the end of his set when the ever-famous Left Shark made an appearance. For those of you unfamiliar with Left Shark, he made his first appearance at the Super Bowl Half Time show alongside Katy Perry right here in Phoenix.

Despite, his amazing performance, there were some not to appreciative of his elaborate production. Fellow Saturday night headliner, Ryan Adams, was upset by the bleed over of sound from Deadmau5’s stage to his own. According to Billboard Ryan is quoted saying “Try to make this song on your f—king iPhone. This song is not going to match the robot music over there… It’s like we’re living in a f—king Terminator nightmare!” Needless to say, he wasn’t too happy and decided to resort to criticism of Joel music. Joel wasn’t too bothered by it though saying that he understand Adams frustration. Despite the unfortunate bleed-over Joel got to show off his hard work, which is the real reward.

If the video above isn’t good enough for you and you feel that you need to experience mouse-trap, you can check him out at the upcoming Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester, Tennessee this weekend: June 11 – 14.

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