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EDC Really is the Happiest Place on Earth

It’s that time of year again. Festival season is officially in full swing and ravers around the world are planning their trips and costumes for North America’s largest dance music festival: Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas. Dating back to 2012 around this time, I was getting ready to go to my first EDC. It is now three years later and I am gearing up to go to the Las Vegas music festival for the fourth time, and yet I am the most excited yet for this year. But what is it that makes this iconic music festival so incredible – bringing hundreds of thousands of ravers back, year-after-year?

For me, Electric Daisy Carnival is a place literally out of my wildest dreams. Insomniac Events is all about making anything possible when it comes to their productions. Their over-the-top immersive experiences that they are so well known for are truly unmatchable. When you initially walk into your first EDC, make it through the lines, past the security checks, and finally through the hallways and tunnels of the Las Vegas motor speedway to the top of the stands of the speedway, you are greeted by a skyline of lights, rides and moving art installations that you will never forget accompanied by loud bass that will pump through your veins and give you the biggest smile on your face – like a little kid on Christmas morning.

But what is it that brings thousands of ravers from all over the world return to the speedway year-after-year for this electronic dance music festival? It could be the result of all the passion for events of EDC’s creator, Pasquale. Pasquale Rotella of Insomniac Events tries to bring back the same atmosphere to all of his massive events from when he used to go to underground raves in Los Angeles growing up – an atmosphere that has cultivated a loving community where the attendees feel apart of a larger family and are surrounded by an electric world and sky that is limited by nothing. Insomniac has a spare-no-expense mentality when it comes to production and certainly awes us all as they step up their game year-after-year with new exciting changes and upgrades to the already mesmerizing world of EDC.

This year’s promise of eight new stage designs has us all crawling with excitement to see what Insomniac has ready for us now. This year’s integration of nature into technology will surely be a delightful spectacle as we are introduced to the mainstage’s new Crystal Village. But beyond Insomniac’s production, EDC has and always will have a special place in my heart because of the community. To put it simply to others, I always say that EDC or Nocturnal Wonderland or any other of these electronic dance music festivals are the one place where you could lose your phone, and actually be surrounded by people nice enough who won’t steal it and will instead go out of their way to get it back to you, as safe as possible; I have seen it happen at least 10 times, on both the receiving and giving end. It is a place where people look out for each other, where they don’t judge someone for how ‘crazy’ they may be dancing, but instead high-five them because they think it’s awesome, or instead jump in with them. It is a place where people are there for the love of the music and peacefully interact with one another because they respect that everyone just wants to enjoy themselves and have the time of their lives because they love that music too.

People will spend months getting ready for that EDC trip to Vegas. Everyone’s little rave family that they attend every festival with will get together blasting their favorite DJ’s latest sets from Souncloud as they make kandi bracelets and plan each day’s outfits so they can take that perfect rave-fam picture with everyone looking ‘on point’.

They’ll have saved up weeks, if not months for this time of the year. If they’re like me, they haven’t been able to stop talking about it for weeks now. So by the time we all are dressed and ready, onto the EDC shuttles headed to the event, we are all so happy; so excited to be going back to our favorite place in the world to go dance our hearts out all night long. Everyone is on that same level – vibing with one another, ready for one crazy freaking weekend that always somehow happens to be the best weekend of my life. Everyone is there for the same reason, and that is one of the most magical things about it.

Leaving EDC is always so hard but at least you get to check out everything from the top of stands one last time – stop for a second to take it all in and appreciate the weekend before you walk out, you won’t regret it.

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