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EDC Week 2015: RL Grime Digs to Our “Core” at XS

We kicked off our time here in Las Vegas by making our way over to XS Nightclub at the Wynn to catch RL Grime completely decimate the #1 nightclub in America. I will forever compare an RL Grime experience to the time that I saw him massacre the Monarch with his VOID tour, playing one of the most memorable drops in recent memory, that drop being an ID by Skrillex and Wiwek. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear that drop last night (maybe I was just having to much fun to notice), but let me say that RL Grime damn near surpassed my initial experience last night with his performance at XS and that is difficult to do going up against the deafening PK sound system at the Monarch.

For a Monday night XS was packed, but what else do you expect from XS during EDC Week? The large crowd only lends to the experience, and what an experience it was. The crowd was alive with RL Grime’s hip-hop/electronic blend, screaming, shouting, and letting-it-all-outing. I was able to meet some people in the audience and they were just as excited as I was for this master mixer, showing their excitement through the lens of my camera. With tracks like “Core”, “Scylla”, and “Tell Me” alongside What So Not, how can you really blame us?


In addition to the crowd being electric, I would like to make mention of the fantastic light work that XS utilizes in their productions. You can see in the video posted along side this article, these guys hold nothing back when designing these shows, making for a mesmerizing light spectacle. The blues, oranges, and most importantly the reds compliment each song, creating an even grander sense of mood throughout the audience.

One thing is for certain, I never pass up a chance to catch RL Grime and I am sure as hell glad I was able to make it out to this show. Seeing him at the Monarch is one thing, but seeing him at XS during EDC Week is entirely another. With the massive production value and the huge crowd, RL Grime at XS is something that you should never pass up. Stay tuned for more coverage of EDC Week 2015 with Relentless Beats.

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