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Katie Couric’s Exclusive Interview of Skrillex

According to Rolling Stones, EDM is defining this decade’s youth culture, and one of the most iconic artists behind it all is the king of dubstep himself, Skrillex. Introducing himself as Sonny Moore, the talented DJ & Producer has been making EDM fans and audiences for wild since finding success with it in 2011. For a special episode of Conversations with Katie, Katie Couric interviews Skrillex on his haters, his music, his views on the electronic dance music community and more.

Skrillex: The making of a superstar

The interview video begins with Skrillex showing Katie Couric how he’d start a song from scratch in his Los Angeles studio for a special episode of Conversations with Katie. First discussed in the interview was how this year Skrillex moved in on the mainstream, tackling it with an unlikely partner: Justin Bieber. Calling him “the Biebs,” Skrillex discusses their single that spent 15 weeks in the top 40, ‘Where Are Ü Now’ with Couric and how it all began:

“We met him during New York Fashion week last year… that night he sent us over an a capella that he just recorded. Justin just sounds so vulnerable and so real in it, it kinda just makes sense where he’s at in his life right now.” – Skrillex

In relation to the people claiming that he has ‘sold-out’ by making this collab with Justin Bieber, Skrillex says, “I’m not afraid to fail or I’m not afraid to do something that everyone doesn’t like.”

Katie Couric: “Sonny, when your career really exploded and really started to take off, were you surprised?”

Skrillex: “I was surprised but I was excited and I was hanging out with Deadmau5 for a long time. He created this like amazing buzz and ripple with his music and he would take me on tour and you could just feel it happening. Not even just with me, but with the whole scene in general.”

Katie Couric: “You had said ‘thanks, but no thanks’ to playing at the Grammys.” And it was because you thought that what you do wouldn’t really translate on television – is that right?”

Skrillex: “Yeah, people don’t realize that it really is about the whole – like the whole thing, the crowd is the show and I don’t think you can capture that on TV.”

To find out about what the EDM prodigy has to say about growing up different, his dad, his music and where he sees himself in 10 years you can catch it all and more in the interview video.

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