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RB Weekend Preview: IndepenDANCE Day Weekend

Can somebody say “Murica!” Last week we saw the British invade Phoenix, but this week we reclaim our turf with the holiday celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence… where we all decide to party… and light fireworks. This weekend brings a high volume of events for your choosing with all but one of our headliners hailing from the great United States, but that’s okay. With all taste buds being satisfied from some RB Deep to a bit of Trap and everything in between, let’s dive right in!

We’re Going to Space with Manufactured Superstars at INTL (7/2   9pm)

It wasn’t too long ago that Manufactured Superstars made their way to AZ. The last time that they were here was Wet Electric  2014 alongside Dash Berlin, Thomas Gold, and more, and if you were there, you know exactly the type of sow they put on. These guys are down for a good time and aren’t afraid to show it. Dressing for their shows in NASA space suits and often accompanied on stage by a six-foot-tall teddy bear, Bradley Roulier and Shawn Sabo have a pair of unique minds that blend perfectly to provide you with as much good music as good fun. In addition, expect to hear a number of your favorite songs from all genres because Manufactured Supersatrs have no limit. They are known for spinning everything from pop to underground to rap to electro. You name it, you’ll likely hear it. Not only that, don’t be surprised if you hear hundreds of songs in their sets: their game is mash ups, so just be prepared. Speaking of being prepared, get a little taste of Manufactured Superstars through their radio show: Manufactured Radio. Catch you all at INTL where you’ll be seeing stars!

Freedom Rings with RBDeep and Circuit’s Lost & Free at Monarch (7/2   9pm)

It’s time for another RBDeep and Circuit Showcase with Lost & Free: Independence Edition! This showcase allows our local deep and forward-thinking artists to share with you the music that they have been working so hard at, as well as to just play out some groovy tunes for your listening pleasure. This time around the DJs include: Michelle Sparks, Turner & Heit, Senbad, Juheun, and Dan Lunsford. Each of these DJs have their own unique qualities that will be put on display this Thursday night, hyping all of you up for the very exciting weekend that is ahead!

Let’s Get Freaky with the Panda Funk Family at Release (7/3   11am)

We are all going to be getting very freaky when the festivities start on Friday morning! The Panda Fam makes their way to Talking Stick Resort to play the Release Pool Party on Independence day eve. This legitimately has potential to be party of the summer. With four headlining DJs taking to the decks including Dirty Audio, i-Ez, Zoofunktion, and the PandaFunk creator himself, Deorro, who could ask for a more epic day by the pool? The PandaFunk mission is to give the artist complete creative freedom, never restricting the way they create a track or what it sounds like. They strive to keep the art authentic. And I wold say that throughout his career, Deorro has done just that. With stellar tracks such as “Five Hours”, “Dechorro”, “Yee”, and “Freak”, Deorro has created a unique catalog of music to accompany his name. And never forget that Panda Funk sound, gives me chills. Not to mention, Deorro’s cohorts have equally impressive accolades having topped Beatport charts, received support from the biggest names in the industry, and been requested for coveted shows worldwide, these guys are DJs to keep an eye on. Don’t miss the PandaFunk Fam destroy the pool this Friday!

Throw a Tantrum with Luminox at BRKFST @ Nite (7/3   9pm)

Hometown hero Luminox come to BRKFST @ Nite to demonstrate his dirty trap skill to all of his fellow countrymen this Friday night to prepare us all for what comes on the 4th of July. Over the last couple of years Luminox, or David, has put out a number of amzingly filthy trap remixes and originals that we are sure to hear come Friday night. You can expect to hear early hits, “Tantrum” and “I Run This”, as well as more recent originals such as, “Bomba” and “Lezgo”. Equally as grimy are his remixes from the likes of Snails, LNY TNZ, Datsik, and more. Having just came off of playing Paradiso in Seattle this last weekend, Luminox will be ready and raring to tear his hometown to shreds. Be there or be unpatriotic!

You Like to Move It with Erick Morillo at Release (7/4   11am)

A House legend comes to Release on the 4th of July. A legendary artist for a legendary day. Erick Morillo will have everyone exclaiming to the world how much they like to move it move it! The pool is about to go off with all the freaks coming out dancing like little lemurs from Madagascar. Born in New York but having grown up in Columbia, Morillo has been exposed to the sounds of Latin rhythm, reggae, and hip-hop, which he infuses into his tracks. Erick started DJing in 1982 at the age of 11 and eventually became extremely well known for his work on the Reel 2 Real track, “I Like to Move It”, and from there his career really took off. Morillo started the record label Subliminal Records for reasons of creative freedom and integrity. In 2005, Morillo won the IDMA Award for Best American DJ. In other words, “there really is very little in the world of music and entertainment that Erick Morillo hasn’t turned his hand to.” Make sure to check out a legend this legendary weekend and be ready to hear some classics. As a closer, Morillo has stated that his top three dream collaborations are Shakira, Lenny Kravitz, and Prince. I’d say that the guy definitely has a musical sensibility and knows what he wants. Erick Morillo and Shakira? That’s be sexy.

A Swedish Fourth of July with Rebecca & Fiona at Monarch (7/4   9pm)

We close out the weekend celebrating America with the Sweden-based superduo, Rebecca and Fiona! These two girls met at a party in Sweden back in 2007 and began collaborating together on music. Their careers really took off when they got the opportunity to tour alongside pop-star, Robyn. Following, they began touring world-wide with some of the biggest names in electronic music from Steve Angello to Hardwell to Axwell. However, the duo likes to focus more on writing than anything else. According to Rebecca, “We never look for what other people want or what we should do. It’s completely us. We develop it together. We have never sat down and talked about what we should make, or what would be good for us to make.” With this in mind, they recently put together and released an album entitled Pain is Beauty in which they say the most important aspect is that people take it as an entire peace and not as each song individually. However, they want to be storytellers and each track tells a story. They want their audience to find their favorite stories and appreciate them. Listen to Rebecca and Fiona’s story unfold as we close out IndepenDANCE day weekend on Saturday night!

Can’t wait to dance for Independence with you all this weekend!


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