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Resident Advisor Launches RA Guide Mobile App

Resident Advisor has been around for years showcasing electronic music, artists, and events from around the globe. Now they are introducing a new app to help you find all the clubs and events in your area. This isn’t another app helping you find concerts just based off the artists on your playlist, RA Guide will connect you to events based off your tastes and preferences and is built specifically for electronic music lovers.

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With over 60,000 electronic music artists the RA Guide is sure to have your favorite producers and will help you find an event where you may discover a new favorite. If you’re traveling and unfamiliar with local clubs and venues, the RA Guide contains over a million listings for more than 120 countries so you’ll never miss a beat. And to save you the hassle of finding the right website to buy tickets you will be able to purchase tickets for thousands of events straight in the app. So if you’ve ever missed an event because you weren’t informed or had troubles locating the best local venue click here to download the RA Guide.

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