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Zedd Performs At The Country Music Awards

The recent County Music Television Awards dipped into our EDM hemisphere when the Lady Antebellum performance featured our production prince Zedd.

The country trio began with their new song “Long Stretch Of Love” and two minutes in, a spotlight hits Zedd on a piano playing the intro to his newest hit “Beautiful Now.” The trio took care of the vocals and put an innovative spin on the EDM track. Being a dedicated fan of both EDM and country, I thought the Long Stretch of Love/Beautiful Now mash-up included smooth transitions and was very entertaining. Equipped with everything from flashing lights, confetti cannons, guitars, and a dance beat, the performance was anything but boring.

Head on over to to see the full performance.

Zedd killed it on the piano and proved yet again, he isn’t just a DJ; he’s a versatile musician. Unfortunately, it’s possible that the brilliance and originality of the performance got lost within the country crowd. It can be gathered that the die-hard country fans at the CMT Awards didn’t appreciate the unfamiliar bass drops and dance tune that surrounded them. For a moment, they were out of their comfort zone until Lady A transitioned back into “Long Stretch of Love.”

Despite the tough crowd, there is no denying that Zedd killed it. His collab with Lady Antebellum was a success as far as I’m concerned, and I hope it’s not the last tme Zedd dips his toes in the southern comfort zone.

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