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A Little Group Therapy with Jason Ross

A few weeks ago Jason Ross hosted a guest mix on Group Therapy. It was really cool hearing him on the show, and I felt like I had discovered a new sound for my summer.

After I heard that, we connected on Twitter and I got the chance to learn more about his work, his inspiration and what his future looks like. He’s young and has a lot of potential. I also got the chance to interview him recently. My first question was about being on Group Therapy, a show that reaches 25 million people worldwide. “It was such an honor! I’ve been listening to Group Therapy for quite a while now, and I always look forward to hearing the guest mixes. It definitely put my mixing skills to the test, but I’m very happy with how it turned out!”

I listen to Group Therapy on a regular basis, and it was cool to hear Jason on air. I bet I have listened to this episode 10 times since then! Past that, Jason has released several singles this year, including “Solaris,” a release he worked on with Jenaux. “I met him a few years ago when I played a show in New York City,” Jason said. “We hit it off and talked production almost every day, always learning from each other. When he came to Los Angeles earlier this year, I booked out a studio and we just started jamming out. That was when our track ‘Solaris’ began.”

Speaking of Above & Beyond, I saw a video of them playing “Atlas,” another Jason Ross single, at EDC Las Vegas. I asked Jason if he was there to see it up close and personal. “Unfortunately, I wasn’t! I saw a lot of fan videos as it was happening, so it was almost like I was there.” The support he is seeing from Above & Beyond is big. He also has a good relationship with Anjunabeats. Jason has really enjoyed his time working with Anjunabeats. “It’s been an incredible experience! The team is top notch, and all very passionate about what they do.”

So what’s next for Jason Ross? “More quality music, and hitting select spots around the U.S. and Canada!” That gives us all something to look forward to. Jason, any last words? “It excites me the most to say this is just the beginning. Thanks to all the fans, there’s much more to come…”

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