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Bassnectar might throw the greatest festival of all time!

Fans of arguably one of the most respected DJ’s in the industry have gone through the liberty of starting a petition on to get Bassnectar and his staff to throw their own festival. His fans ( commonly referred to as bassheads ) also demanded that Bassnectar go through the liberty of picking out the artists on the festival to protect the integreity of the show. Aside from the no regulations rule their proposal isn’t too much to ask for.

Due to noise restrictions, sound bleed, and venue constraints, we the people kindly plead ( require, haha 😉 ) a three day camping festival ran by the Bassnectar team. The Bassnectar team would choose artists that represent the values of Bassnectar and the community, and a percentage of profits would be donated to charities of the community’s choosing. No longer would Bassnectar and the community have to be on the same lineup/crowd as homophobic, immoral, racist, and/or misogynistic artists. Bassnectar would play a two and a half hour set each night, with no sound limits or restrictions, creating an experience that would be truly immersive.

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Bassnectar is highly respected in this industry for good reasons. He makes great music, & he is a great live performer. Who knows what the chances of Bassnectar and his team taking on this massive project, a lot of planning goes into throwing festivals and it’s definitely easier said than done. I would go to this festival without a doubt. Let’s not get our hopes too high but nothing is impossible. You can go sign the petition online, HERE.

Also do yourself a huge favor and listen to Bassnectar’s new mixtape, Mixtape 13 on his official soundcloud:

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