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Dada Life Saves The Bananas

Imagine a world with no more bananas; no more banana-strawberry whirl smoothies from Jamba Juice and no more comedic slip-on-banana-peel movie scenes. If you’re a true raver, you’d instantly feel devastated realizing something else- the essence of Dada Life would diminish.

The DJing duo recently discovered that this fear could become a reality. With their epic festival, The Voyage, shaking up San Bernadino this past weekend, they’ve jumped at this opportunity to raise awareness to the fruit crisis that is creeping up on Asia and parts of Africa.

There is a virus spreading that has transformed bananas into soft, fibrous pieces of mass and unsafe to consume. This soil-borne fungus, named Tropical Race 4, is capable of killing 80% of banana crops produced each year. Our favorite yellow fruit makes up 50% of America’s fresh fruit comsumption, and 100% of the costumes seen at Dada Life shows. Why can’t there be a viral fungus attacking broccoli or spinach?

For more information on the Tropical Race 4 disease, click here.

Dada Life was already planning to break the world record for “most people dressed as fruit” at The Voyage and broke it they did; but that’s not all. They used the event to highlight the banana epidemic. Behind all the fun, there was  a more serious message; save the bananas (while going bananas).

Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom have developed a partnership with Fair Trade USA because they ensure that the farmers will receive more money to protect and grow their crops and invest in them. In addition to having more money for crops, Dada wants to make sure there is more money for the farmers themselves who slave over the fruit we take for granted.

Because of these platforms, all the bananas used at The Voyage, and ever after- that’s A LOT of bananas- had and will continue to have a Fair Trade USA sticker on it. The sticker means the bananas were grown according to a strict environmental standard, and that the farmers receive the appropriate compensation for their hard work.

If you were lucky enough to experience the magic of The Voyage and celebrate the beauty that is the banana, I envy you. Dada Life has adopted this cause that is dear to their hearts and essential to their shows, and all we can do is love them more for it.

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