Relentless Beats

Get caught up in Justin Jay’s “Storm”

Rising Dirtybird star Justin Jay (who’s only 22 years old, by the way) just dropped a fresh new tune featuring UK hit machine Chris Lorenzo. The track, titled “Storm,” features a rolling break-beat intro, and a bass-to-the-face drop layered atop some upbeat, wispy synths that we’ve come to expect from the recent USC grad.

Thank the heavens, he can focus solely on music now! Justin Jay will actually be coming into town next Saturday, August 8th, as he teams up with fellow Dirtybird artist Shiba San at the Monarch Theatre. This should be a can’t miss event for lovers of deep house and funky, upbeat grooves. I’ll be there, dancing like a mad man who’s been starved of dirty beats more than this desert has been starved of rain. See you on the dance floor!

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