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LooKas: Defining Heaven Trap without saying anything

LooKas is quite special.. Not many artists get the honor of  their music being called Heaven Trap. There is a special niche for these producers, they mix different styles of music together and compose completely original content. The community has definitely been impressed by LooKas‘ uplifting, melodic fusion of syncopated rhythm and warm vocal samples. Perfectly timed slices and build of up LooKas‘ production is phenomenal and worth listening to especially when you’re looking to get hyped up. Originality is dripping from this artist, if only other artists could take note of this approach to production. It’s my personal belief that there needs to be more artists like LooKas, with that original flare that helps to inspire the next generation of music.

Get a good listen here, I recommend tracks “Apollo” and “Samurai”
This is Heaven-Trap

Powerful progressions and catchy leads make this type of music very soothing. Definitely trap influenced, yet has quite a unique sound that doesn’t even have a category that it can be placed in. The Miami-native has gained a lot of momentum and recognition from the community, almost reaching 100,000 followers on Soundcloud. LooKas is eclectic and will have no difficulty gaining new fans. With epic performances under his belt like EDC Vegas and many more, his performance in Tucson at the Rialto Theatre on July 16th alongside Mad-Decent artist Brillz should be a sonic explosion of great music. For more information visit: Trapfest Tucson ft Brillz, LooKas.

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