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Pierce Fulton: His Musical Talent And Rise To Fame

Pierce Fulton was a music enthusiast since he was a child. He loved playing guitar and taught himself multitudes of instruments including the drums, trombone, and even the piano. If you want to grow up to be a great DJ or music producer, it helps to have instrumental knowledge under your belt. Oblivious of his future calling, Pierce was building himself a great musical platform.

The child grew up in Vermont, which is a small, cold, isolated state and he used his creativity to keep himself from lethargic boredom. He had an experimenter’s mind and he used to enjoy applying the concept of one instrument, or genre, to another, just to see what would happen. This experimental mentality soon got him interested in exploring beyond conventional music.

Pierce Fulton- Kuaga (Live Version) [Official Video]

In high school, Fulton made contact with the electronic music world. He had a bit of classical music, classic rock, metal, blues and reggae under his belt, and he would soon experience what he could do with all this knowledge in front of a crowd at the DJ decks. His music department at school was surprisingly incredible and he was able to learn music theory, as well as the fundamentals of basic electronic music production. He learned the basics of production programs, sound synthesis and design, and sampling. Growing up far away from club culture was a blessing in his case, because most of what he initially created was original and uninfluenced.

Pierce Fulton is now 22, and based in Brooklyn, New York. He still enjoys juggling sounds from different instruments and using them in his electro house and down-tempo electronica music production. Great names such as Tiesto, Above and Beyond and Paul Oakenfold have shown tremendous support for his music. He even has a monthly radio show on Tiesto’s SiriusXM channel called ‘Get Weird’. This relatively new, talented face in the electronic dance music scene is just getting started, and is on the road to greatness!

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