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RB BPM Boost: Exploring Rawstyle

If you’re a Hard Dance fan, you probably know what Rawstyle is about. With its reverse bass and distorted kick, this dark genre is a hit or miss for most! I decided to put forth a few newer tracks with reviews for listeners. I also had the opportunity to discuss the genre with local Arizona Rawstyle producer James Mrotek.

The first track I decided to review, recommended by Mrotek is: Ran-D ft Skits Vicious – No Guts, No Glory. “The latest Defqon 1 anthem by Ran-D may be a good pick since Defqon just happened. The most Americans in history flew out for it including myself and my crew.” 

Ran-D Ft. Skits Vicious – No Guts, No Glory (Offical Defqon 1 Anthem 2015)

Defqon 1 of 2015 saw over 80,000 attendees with 250+ performers, and its anthem “No Guts, No Glory” by Ran-D featuring Skits Vicious, is one of the more prominent tracks in the hard dance scene this summer. If you like your music raw, this track is for you! Ran D is the first “Rawstyle” artist, ever, to be asked to make a Defqon 1 anthem. “It shows promise for the scene shifting towards, and accepting Rawstyle.”

The second track I decided to review is a personal favorite: E-Force – Seven.

E-Force – Seven (Full)

Seven by E-Force was picked as the top Hardstyle song of 2014 and was played at Q-Dance’s New Years Eve party “Freaqshow” to ring in the new year. “Seven” honors both, the euphoric melody and the gritty, raw kick, this song has it all. E-Force takes you on a journey from Heaven, containing a smooth harmonious beginning, to a hard Rawstyle drop leaving you at the gates of Hell. With a wicked, poisonous cackle of laughter, the song enters its last movement of horrors introducing a heavy distorted kick that finishes the audience in a ferocious manner.

Mrotek has two tracks in the making, but of his released ones he recommends Mrotek & MC Heretik – The Horde.

Mrotek & MC Heretik – The Horde

“As far as my tracks go, I’d be honored!” “The Horde” made it to #17 on, which is the highest any Raw American track has ever been! Mrotek said he just finished his latest track. It’s a colab with UK Artist Deimos and MC Heretik. Just sending it to artists right now so there is no preview. It’s called: Deimos & Mrotek ft. MC Heretik – Voice of fear.” I can’t wait to give it a listen!

Mrotek and MC Heretik will also be performing at a local Arizona Hardstyle show called “Phobia” in August. It will be fantastic to witness these American Rawstyle artists growing and progressing in the Hard Dance scene!



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