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When The Elderly Take On Bonnaroo!

When wandering around a music festival, you’re surrounded by a sea of unique people. Theres no better place to express your style and make it as extreme as you want. Considering the amount of festival attendees, of course there’s going to be a range of ages. I have seen some pretty old ravers that go all out at shows and its awesome, but this particular group at Bonnaroo is something I’v never seen before. Funny-or-Die and Bonaroo teamed up to send a group all over the age of 70 to Bonaroo for their first ever music festival experience.  With Mumford & Sons, Ben Folds, Guster, Bleachers, Dawes, Houndmouth, Ron Funches, Kendrick Lamar, and more, this group of seniors experienced what was much more than just a concert. A few of the elderly mentioned that “It was terrific, and very unusual”, that “The way to do Bonaroo is to sit on the couch and watch it”, and after watching a performance, “I don’t know who they was but they blow my mind”.

Old People At Bonnaroo

I think that no matter what your age is, wether you enjoy yourself at a music festival or not is totally dependent on one’s personal interests and how love for the music being played. It’s all about the way the environment and song being played make you feel. In the clips from the festival you’ll see some of the elderly waving their arms and enjoying themselves, while the others are staring at the stage looking very confused. Its comical to see someone of such an old age feeling out of place at such an event, but if you look around you’ll see people of all ages with the same look on their face. I have had plenty of friends that want to see what a festival or show is like, and realize after going that it’s just not their scene. While a handful of others fall in love with the environment and find themselves a full on raver a few months later. I know that to me being at a festival or show is somewhere where I feel like I can fit in without having to do or wear what everyone else is doing, but simply by the fact that everyone there loves the music and connect through it. When the entire crowd sings along or goes nuts for a DJ’s best song, it feels as if everyone is joined together as one. I hope that some of the elderly Bonaroo attendee’s were able to experience that feeling and maybe even wish they had started going to music festivals sooner.

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