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Henrix’s Latest Track Makes You Dance Like a “Big Spender”

Club hopping electro house producer Henrix can’t stop gifting the world with his brilliant work. Track after track, the Miami native proves his unrelenting talent and energy aren’t waning anytime soon, and his latest, “Big Spender” remains no exception to Henrix’s modus operandi.

Henrix – Big Spender (Original Mix)

Coming off of a major success high from his release of “Drop Low” off of Kaskade’s label, Arkade, Henrix brings forth an unexpected rendition of the 1966 classic “Big Spender”. The producer takes the sharp horns and sassy vocals of this big band track, adds his own modern electro twist, and creates an anachronistic, unique dance anthem. As the he introduces the track with a nice 4/4 drum pattern, the track quickly escalates to reveal the melody of the original 1966 song, then it suddenly drops into a vicious fury of bass hits as you’re inclined to dance as hard as you can. This song fits as the perfect sound track to those vodka fueled Vegas nights on the strip as you sip your Grey Goose on those plush VIP couches, because baby, you’re a big spender.

Be sure to grab the free download of “Big Spender” here.

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