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Superfreq Label Releases New EP: Orgasm Raygun

Superfreq is a genius company and record label created by Richard West, also known as Mr. C. This guy is an international DJ, innovative producer, founder of not only Superfreq, but also Plink Plonk, End Recordings, The Shamen Frontman and co owner of The End. Mr C emerged as a pioneering force in the house music scene in 1987 and has continued to be instrumental in the proliferation of dance music on a global scale. Superfreq has released eight EPs from various artists and one mix CD by Mr.C, but has been a dormant record label since 2006. Superfreq relaunched in February 2013 and just came out with its newest EP by the newly formed duo, Delicate Droids.

Richard D. Ruttenberg and Peter Dutch make up the newest duo created by Superfreq called Delicate Droids. Richard D. Ruttenberg is a film scorer, studio musician, and recording artist. Educated at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, his band RiZe is now signed to the Superfreq Records label and their debut album, “Four Beats and Some Sweets” is available worldwide on Beatport. Richard’s latest solo work has been picked up by STARKFutures Recordings and will be released in early 2015. World renown guitarist Barry Finnerty proclaims him “The king of atmosphere”. On the other hand, Peter Dutch AKA “Dutchie” is a very talented DJ from the UK who creates his own edgy house, tech house, and techno music since the late 80’s. Dutchie has released work with several UK tech house labels and owns and produces his own imprint Right Nut Records.

Together the two have pushed each other and worked together combining their styles to make something magical. Their four track EP includes the title track Orgasm Raygun, Ufonauts, Figjam, and Bad King Cold. All strange sounding titles that you’ll have check out yourself to see what they have to offer. Superfreq has done it again when it comes to whipping up tripped out tech music.

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