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Tiesto & Don Diablo Drop Their New Song ‘Chemicals’ at Tomorrowland 2015

This new collaboration created by Tiesto and Don Diablo is really something wonderful. I had the opportunity to see Tiesto perform live at this years Wet Electric and he blew my expectations out of the water, literally. I haven’t had the chance to see Diablo live but the first song I ever heard by him was ‘Make Me Feel Better’, and it did exactly that.

Tiesto’s house sounds shines through in his newest collab with Don Diablo, ‘Chemicals’, but this style was’t always the way he went about his melodies. He started off as a trance artist and has metamorphasized toward house music for the reason being so that he can inspire the biggest crowd possible. Although trance was once was the face of Electronic music in the underground Electronic world, and was in part the genre that put EDM on the map, it has slowly tampered in terms of popularity. Genres like Dubstep and House have more so asserted their dominance in the EDM culture as the go-to sub-genres of EDM.

Tiesto Ft. Don Diablo – Chemicals (Tomorrowland 2015)

Don Diablo’s progressive/electro house sound is easily recognizable and gives this new song a great feel. Diablo has really made a name for himself over the years through originals, remixes and finally his own label, ‘Hexagon’. He’s stacking up quite an impressive play-count, just coming out with the release of “My Window” with Maluca yesterday, and he’s already back at it with today’s release of his Blonde remix of “All Cried Out” off of Blonde’s upcoming EP.

Tiesto and Diablo are both assets in the EDM industry and their sounds blend together beautifly, making for a euphoric moment at Tomorrowland 2015. Check out the reactions of the people of tomorrow to feel the love in this video of the two debuting their new song ‘chemicals’ at TM 2015.

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