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Utah Brings The Energi With Das Energi Festival’s Attendance Reaching Full Capacity

Music Festivals take place all over the world, and deliver their own unique installations and experience each time. But one place you might not expect a blowout festival to be held is Salt Lake City, Utah. For being known as a fast growing religious state, it wouldn’t be my first guess for the place where big names like Kaskade and Seven Lions would be playing. But V2 has changed my mind by presenting Das Energi Festival that just took place on August 15th in Salt Lake.

Das Energi 2014 Aftermovie

With the powerful overtake of EDM continuously on the rise, big festivals like this one are hitting more and more states across the US. Just Like Relentless Beats here in AZ, V2 is one of the leading dance music promoters in Utah helping the dance music scene thrive. V2 was founded on the vision of combining top-notch talent with innovative production to bring an unrivaled experience to dance music lovers in Utah and beyond. The company was formed in 2005 by partners Jeremy Moreland, & Brandon Fullmer, after a 5 year span of the 2 producing smaller dance music events in the Salt Lake area. For nearly a decade, V2 has showcased the most prestigious DJs in the world, and produced the biggest dance music events in the state.

Last Saturday in Salt Lake, V2 hit the jackpot bringing in Kaskade, Flux Pavilion, Morgan Page, Seven Lions, Late Night Alumni, Getter, Slander, Andy C, and many more to their annual Das Energi Festival. Officially hitting the events capacity, attendance reached over 9,000 edm lovers united under the lights. “We are thrilled to see so many festival-goers travel to Das Energi Festival from out of state,” said Jeremy Moreland, co-founder of V2 Presents. “As our influence continues to spread throughout Utah, our aim is now shifting to gaining more recognition and support on a national level.”

With Utah being a state that I wouldn’t expect an event of this magnitude to take place, it leaves me hopeful for what else the festival future brings. Its exciting to watch the culture spread like wildfire, and who knows? Maybe AZ is the next stop for a 3 day festival.

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