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Are Skrillex & Zedd Secretly Collaborating?

If you haven’t heard the recently released remixes by the new SoundCloud user titled “Grey“, it would definitely be worth taking a listen. Although there are currently only three remixes posted including ‘Disarm You’ by Kaskade, Jack U‘s ‘Where Are You Now’, and ‘Beautiful Now’ by Zedd, Grey adds a unique touch to each of these hits, and some sounds throughout the songs caught my attention giving me an idea as to who the masterminds behind Grey might be.

First off, when exploring through grey’s SoundCloud profile I noticed that they were only following two people… and guess who they were? Skrillex and Zedd. Secondly, how would it be possible for someone random to cop such a short one worded name such as ‘Grey’ with there being millions of users on soundcloud? Whoever it is must be a pretty big deal. Also, I couldn’t help but notice that Grey’s logo looks as if its a combination of a z and an s… coincidence? I think not! Once I came to these conclusions and took a listen to the style, I had myself convinced considering that the first two songs they released were remixes of Jack U which includes Skrillex, and one of Zedds newer singles.

The first post made by grey was a flip  on Zedd’s ‘Beautiful Now’. This mix takes a new turn as the vocals are manipulated to become more robotic, providing a well rounded basis for the remix, as it leaves so much for listeners’ imaginations. The track is filled with these melodic vocals, and the drops are even more awesome. Grey has provided an awesome combination of more than a few genres, like electro house, trap and bass filled bliss. All of it comes together to get this Persian or “Egyptian vibe” as promised in the SoundCloud description, and it’s really cool.

Out of all the remixes that were quickly made of Jack U’s ‘Where Are You Now’, I can easily say that Grey’s is my favorite. Zedd even played this specific remix of the song at his Phoenix stop on his True Colors tour last weekend which got me thinking even more. It starts off melodic and passionate, with the second verse of the original kicking things off. Not too far into the track, incredible guitar rhythms resonate in the most unique and fascinating way. Once the drop hits, you wonder to yourself “where the hell has this artist been all my life?” There’s an incredible and huge future bass bassline, and the tune is filled with dips and twists of electronic sweetness. The amount of creativity and effort put into this remix is on a level unlike anything I have heard. The vocals are strong and clean, and the pure bliss and energy you hear in the entire track is enough to make your mind melt.

The most recent post made by Grey is a mind blowing take on Kaskade’s ‘Disarm You’. For those tracking Kaskade, there’s been an obvious shift in his sound, and it seems like his experimentation is paying off. And as if Kaskades new sound wasn’t already great, Grey takes it even further. Misleading you (in a good way) into thinking it’s just another remix of future vibes, the catchy guitar strum leads the tune to an unexpected drop of aggresive synth’s that had my jaw dropping. Iv showed the track to a few friends and their facial expressions get continuously better as does the track.

If my guess about this new brainchild is correct or not, it’s creative music like this that really grasps the attention of people, and this is definitely something I am admiring about this new artist. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the touches of what may be Skrillex and Zedd, and for more amazing remixes by the oh so mysterious Grey.

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