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Eric Prydz Concludes Pryda Trilogy with Vol. III

We all know that all greatest epics come in trilogies and Eric Prydz’s Pryda 10 EP Trilogy, which marks a decade of excellence from the Pryda label, proves itself as a great musical trilogy. Recently, Eric Prydz released the concluding part of the trilogy with Vol. III. Clocking in at 12 tracks, this brings the total number of tracks across the three-part release to a staggering 22 tracks, a shocking volume of music, but coming from a man who has kept some of his best works a secret, it almost get you wondering about what else he could have locked up in that magical head of his.

The 12 tracks on Vol. III offer listeners a ride-along through the Pryda catalogue, showcasing the breadth and diversity of music that Eric Prydz produces and creates. From the classic emotive, melodic builds of ‘Arpe’, the electro funk of ‘Crossings’, to the foot stomping psychedelia of ‘Bytatag’, the various sounds create a dizzying, explorative environment for listeners to get to know every side of Eric Prydz. Over the last decade, Pryda Recordings has emerges as one of dance music’s most esteemed labels. Using it as a hub for Eric Prydz’s most memorable club material, such as ‘Aftermath’ and ‘Power Drive’, Pryda Recordings has received acknowledgement from the likes of Beatport as one of its highest-grossing labels of recent times.

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Few producers can sat that they’ve impacted contemporary electronic music the way that Prydz has. Providing a unique and singular sound, Prydz has always made his home in his own universe of music, remaining ever unpredictable, yet cohesive, even across the multiple aliases that straddle techno and house. Having consistently retained support from chart toppers to underground icons alike, it seems no one can bring musical satisfaction like Eric Prydz.

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